Qualtrics Surveys

Qualtrics is the university's web-based survey tool to conduct survey research, evaluations and other data collection activities.

This software is intended for research studies, multi-page or multi-session surveys and intensive data analysis.

Simpler surveys, requests for information and other administrative type data collection can often be done through the Drupal webform module right on your website.
Learn more about creating Drupal webforms.

Obtain a Qualtrics Account

Set up an account in Qualtrics by going to uwindsor.qualtrics.com
Once there, select "Please click here to create an account" and enter your UWindsor email address.

Visit the Qualtrics site for an overview of the tool and how to get started.

Qualtrics Support

If you have any Qualtrics questions, please log a support ticket (TDX Help system).