Becoming an Editor

In the University system members of campus who can edit, maintain and upload to university websites are referred to as "editors".

Access to edit live Drupal 7 websites is restricted.

  • you must be approved as an editor before you can update a live website
  • the approval process takes time, requires training and usually cannot be done immediately
  • mandatory training is required due to internal policy, the AODA and the legal requirements under which the university operates

The process applies to all faculty, staff and students. Previous experience with other University platforms or software does not create an exception to this policy.

Step 1 - Review Editing Policy

Read the Website Editing Policy so you understand your obligations and responsibilities as a website editor.

Step 2 - Training

Regular Drupal training classes are currently on hold. To request temporary access as a new editor, please review on our online Drupal 7 Online Guide before proceeding to step 4.

Step 3 - Access Request

Let your site administrator/dept. head/director know when you have completed the class.

They will create a Help Ticket requesting you be given the appropriate access.

You should only request access when you have completed the previous steps.