Drupal 7 Online Guide

Welcome to the Online Guide / Manual for Drupal 7.

These pages cover the typical types of editing and maintenance that a Content Editor would be expected to do.

Having this information online rather than in a traditional printed book or PDF file allows ITS to keep the information updated and accessible to all editors.

If there are tasks you are required to perform and you do not see a corresponding lesson on this page please send ITS an email. We can add the lesson to our training guide.

Basic Lessons:

Getting started

  1. What is Drupal? What is a CMS?
  2. Terms of reference
  3. Logging in and out
  4. Content types / Creating content
  5. Finding pages and other content

Creating a basic page and standard content

  1. Creating a Page
  2. Using the Header Image and Image/Media fields
  3. The Body field toolbar and formatting content
  4. Creating a Header Structure
  5. Adding an image in body copy
  6. Creating a URL, email or document hyperlink
  7. Creating collapsible sections for content
  8. Editing the content in collapsible sections
  9. Creating an anchor link
  10. Creating columns and rows (an accessible grid) on your page
  11. Using the Check Accessibility tool
  12. How to turn off or unpublish a page
  13. Creating an Event and Calendar

Working with Menus

  1. Adding your page to a menu
  2. Editing the main menu directly

Working with Blocks

  1. Creating a Block
  2. Editing a Block
  3. Placing and deleting a Block

Advanced Lessons:

  1. Creating web forms and surveys
  2. Editing in plain text/HTML view mode
  3. Embed a video on your web page
  4. Assigning Blocks to specific pages
  5. Creating separate menus on one site
  6. Creating a redirect or simpler URL for a page
  7. Configuring and editing Gridster