E-Commerce Information

Requirements for using the service

You are responsible for providing your own website from which the e-commerce service will be called.
The e-commerce service does not include the creation of any website. That is a separate request.

IT Services will set up the connection to the e-commerce service.

Step 1: Make an e-Commerce request to Finance

An e-commerce request is required for use of the e-commerce API available on campus.
You must provide your full (30-digit) GL account # AND the Finance approval to ITS before work can start.

This request will be approved by Finance. These API credentials will allow you to connect an application, webform, or piece of software with the University of Windsor eCommerce system and accept online payments.

This request does not include the creation of any forms or applications.

For more details about the e-commerce request, see below. You can submit your request online.

*By submitting an e-commerce request, you acknowledge that all information on this page has been reviewed and fully understood.

Step 2: Web form Creation

If you do not have an existing form or application which has the capability to use our e-commerce system, please submit a web form request in addition to the e-commerce request by following the link below and opening a ticket.

A web form is a manageable form, with or without e-commerce, built on our Drupal platform. This request will allow ITS Web Team to assist in the creation of a form to collect payments for various events, etc. across campus.

Submit a web form request

When submitting a request for a web form, please include all the required fields for the form, payment amounts and options available to the end-user.

More Information on E-Commerce

Approval of Request

  • all requests are approved by the e-Commerce Steering Committee
  • results of the request will be sent to the requestor
  • upon approval of the request, the requestor will be contacted by IT Services
  • the full GL account # (30-digits) must be provided to IT Services


  • there are no charges to use the basic e-Commerce Service – common checkout, common general-ledger.
  • if the client requires a separate merchant-id to track their revenue transactions separately, there are initial and ongoing charges associated with the application and use of the merchant-id.
  • client is responsible for any charges associated with setting up their website from which the e-Commerce service will be called from.

Transaction Charges

  • incurred per Credit Card Transaction (Master Card, Visa, American Express)
  • incurred when using UWincard
  • transaction charges are from the credit card companies or UWinCard office. The charges range between 2% to 5% of the transaction amount.

How to handle refunds and reversals?

Full refunds are available through the e-Commerce service. However, partial refunds are not.

If you have further questions on E-Commerce, please contact:

Christopher Lanoue (Chris)
Business Process Manager
(519) 253-3000 Ext: 5372