Web Form - Component Types

There are several types of components you can add to your web form.

Below is a short description of each:


An e-commerce component. If one of these is present on a given form, the submissions will be taken to UWin E-commerce to complete the checkout process. If you are going to be collecting money as a part of your form please read more about E-Commerce Solutions.


Used to collect date information from the user, possibly a birth date. You do not need to use this field to collect the date the user filled out your form. That information is collected automatically and will show up on your reports.


Used to collect email address information.


A fieldset creates a grouping of fields with a header. This can be useful to separate parts of your form.


This component allows the user to upload files as part of their web form submission. You can set the types of files allowed as well as the maximum size.


A grid can be used to organize components in a grid format. This option is not typically used and not recommended for editors.


A hidden field. This is typically used to store data that the user can’t see, but the reviewer will be able to see.

Markup HTML

This allows custom HTML to be added to the form.


Used to collect data in number format. For example, user age or how many years they have worked in a particular industry.

Page Break

You can organize your web form so that the questions are delivered over a series of pages. Place a Page Break component where ever you want a new page to begin.

Adding page breaks automatically creates a progress bar at the top of your form and provides Next and Previous buttons for user navigation.

Payment Options

Payment options is a special field that allows some e-commerce forms to have different payment options. For example, some registrations may allow cheques. In this case, the user wouldn’t automatically be forwarded to e-commerce.

Select Options

The most versatile component, Selection Options has many different forms. By using this component you can create checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns and multi-selects.


Multi-line text field. Allows the user to type multiple lines of text in a paragraph format.


Single-line text field. Most often used for first name, last name address etc.


Used to collect time information.


Totals is another e-commerce component which shows the total of the cart given the selected components on the form.