Editing in Plain Text/HTML

Editors can view and edit their web pages in Plain Text or HTML view mode if they wish.


  • Editors should have good familiarity with HTML and CSS code before they attempt to edit in this mode. You can compromise the functionality of your web page if you do not know what you are doing.
  • HTML or JavaScript added to a web page should never cause a dependency on another website. All the code must be wholly contained on the page or website.
  • HTML code or JavaScript that violates the University acceptable use policy will be removed.

To view your web page in Plain Text/HTML navigate to the edit screen and scroll down to the Body section.

Underneath the body section select "Switch to plain text editor". The Body section will switch to show the Plain Text/HTML code for the page.

Body section of the Edit screen showing the Switch to Plain Text Editor link

Body section in HTML code view showing Switch to rich text editor link

The editing bar and options will disappear and you can now edit directly in the Plain Text/HTML view. Remember to Save your work.

To switch back to the normal text view select "Switch to rich text editor".