Creating an Event

If your department frequently organizes appointments, workshops, special lectures, golf tournaments, and other similar activities, incorporating an Event feature into your website's functionality could prove essential. This feature resembles a Page in many ways, but offers an additional section dedicated to dates and times.

A calendar is an integral component of every website, even if it may not be immediately visible when there are no scheduled events. However, it patiently awaits your usage. When you create an Event for the first time, it automatically generates a calendar that effectively tracks and showcases all your upcoming events. Instead of directly inputting text into the calendar, you simply create and modify events, which are then automatically listed within the calendar.

To create an Event, go to the top menu bar and select Content --> Add Content --> Event

The content menu with Add Content and Event highlighted

This will bring up the Create Event screen in your browser:

Create Event page with its various fields and buttons.

Notice that the first field to be completed at the top of the page is Title. Just like creating a Page, it is the first field and mandatory. Most of the parts of this form are exactly like a Page but there is one different.

The second field, under Title, is called Event Date. It is mandatory. This section lets you enter the dates and times and other information like All Day or repeating event.

Day and time section on the Create Event form

Once you have given your page a title, entered date and time information and then filled in the body copy (text, images, links etc.) you are ready to select Save which will automatically create the Event, and automatically put the Event on your department calendar.

The calendar and entry will look something like this:

A department calendar showing sample event listings.

This has been a quick overview of how to create an Event and see how it feeds into your site calendar.