M.Ed. Online Program

Concentrations and Courses

Students in the Online M.Ed. can choose from two concentrations: Educational Administration and Leadership, and Curriculum Studies. The Online M.Ed. is course-based, and the normal full-time course sequence for each of these concentrations is normally as follows:

Required courses in all programs:

8001 Research in Education
8004 Curriculum Theory or 8005 Theories of Leadershipdepending upon field of study
8795 Final Project Seminar (in course-based, 10 credit programs)

Similar to the current ‘domestic cohort’ program, course offerings within each of the concentrations may change from time to time, depending on faculty resources, teaching capacity, program regulations, and student demand.

Full and Part-time Registration

Full-time and part-time registration are available. Students can switch between full-time and part-time as in the regular program. Full-time students will normally take four semesters for completion, with the Final Project Seminar being the final course in the final semester. Four semester completion is not mandatory. In order to complete the program in the suggested four semesters, student will need to register in the pre-chosen (prescribed) online course offerings. 

Part-time students will be able to complete the program in nine semesters.Part-time students can choose from courses offered each semester in the online program. 

Program Flexibility

Students can switch out of the Online program and into the regular M.Ed. program based on current program regulations. Those interested in changing to another stream in order to complete their M.Ed. with a Major Research Paper or Thesis could hold the ‘Online Student’ designation until they have completed the required coursework. They would then cease to be Online Students since they would need to consult face to face with a faculty advisor in order to complete the Major Research Paper or Thesis Proposal and Thesis.

Online Students may, bearing in mind M.Ed. program regulations, change their program duration (time-line), concentration, or stream (course-based, MRP, thesis).

Online Student Designation

Students wishing to register in the Online M.Ed. will apply to the Online program specifically, and on acceptance will be granted the designation of ‘Online Student’. Courses offered in the Online program will be designated as specific to this completion stream. This means that there will always be reserved seats in these courses for Online Students. If Online Students take more than 2 non-online courses, they surrender their ‘Online Student’ designation (meaning that they will not have a reserved space in future online course offerings).

Admissions Requirements

Admissions requirements are similar to those for regular M.Ed. students. In particular, please note the English Language proficiency requirements (ex., IELTS 7.0, with three bands at 7.0 or higher, and the fourth band at 6.5 or higher)

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Questions and Inquiries

Contact the Graduate Program Office


NOTE: The M.Ed. programs are not designed to prepare you for teacher licensure or certification. Please see the Ontario College of Teacher link for further information on how to become a teacher and also for information specifically for internationally educated teachers who wish to practice in Ontario. See: www.oct.ca