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Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) works with members of the campus community to enhance the practice, culture, and scholarship of teaching and learning; to support the integration of effective teaching practices and technologies that extend and enrich learning; and to support to instructors using the University's Learning Management System, Blackboard Learn.


Brightspace is the University of Windsor’s campus-wide learning management system (LMS).

On-line synchronous and face-to-face workshops are available at the Centre for Teaching and Learning. For a full description of courses and topics contained within them, visit CTL's Brightspace workshops webpage.

For self-paced learning, view recordings of past workshops or find How-to documents and videos on UWindsor’s Brightspace support webpages.

Support for students can also be found at uwindsor.ca/brightspace.

GATA Network

The GATA Network is a collaborative initiative supported jointly by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) within the University of Windsor. The Network strives to create mentorship opportunities and teaching and learning resources to support graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants (GAs and TAs) with improving their pedagogical knowledge and skills.

The GATA Network offers large-scale professional development events to current and prospective GAs/TAs. These events also provide transformative leadership opportunities to experienced assistants who develop and lead workshops.


GATAcademy is a full-day professional development event open to all current and prospective UWindsor GAs/TAs. Throughout this event, the GATA Network offers a series of interactive workshops led by experienced professionals, including current GAs/TAs and faculty members from across campus. Topics include mastering technology in the classroom, conducting effective labs and tutorials, and best practices in grading and feedback.

Winter GATAcademy

To meet the needs of UWindsor GAs/TAs who begin in the winter semester and those unable to attend GATAcademy in September, the GATA Network offers the GATA Winter Academy at the beginning of the second academic semester. Similar to GATAcademy, this is a daylong series of interactive workshops led by experienced GAs/TAs and faculty members.

GATA Network Series

Throughout the academic year, the GATA Network offers monthly workshops focused on topics related to GA/TA life and other teaching and learning areas. The Network Team incorporates participant feedback and interests when developing these workshops.

GATA Awards

The GATA Awards are presented to exceptional GAs/TAs who contribute to a positive, learning-centred environment at the University of Windsor. The two award categories are: GA/TA Award for Educational Practice and GA/TA Award for Educational Leadership. For more information, visit the GATA Awards webpage.

Social Media Outreach

The GATA Network contributes to the CTL's Teach and Learn blog, which includes regular posts about the issues GA/TAs face, teaching and learning theories and resources, as well as other light-hearted postings. The Network also maintains a Facebook page and Twitter account, which it uses to connect with GA/TAs and advertise upcoming events.

GATA Teaching and Learning Handbook

The GATA Teaching and Learning Handbook, Towards Better Teaching: A Handbook for Undergraduate and Graduate Students at the University of Windsor is a resource manual created for GAs/TAs who want to develop and/or improve their pedagogical knowledge and practice.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is located in the Centre for Engineering Innovation (CEI) into the space formerly occupied by the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation, on the first and second floors of the building on the eastern side of California Avenue, directly across from the parking garage.

Your direct contact is Dr. Erika Kustra, Director, Teaching and Learning Development.

For significantly more information about the CTL's mission, vision, services, and events, please consult the  CTL website

For assistance regarding Blackboard Learn, please reach out by email to: bbconsults@uwindsors.ca, or submit a Service Request at www.uwindsor.ca/bbhelp, or visit Blackboard’s Online Support Pages for instructors.

You can contact the GATA Network Team at gata@uwindsor.ca. The Team is happy to discuss opportunities and events for your GAs and TAs.

For more information, consult the  GATA Network website.

For assistance regarding Blackboard Learn, please reach out by email to: bbconsults@uwindsors.ca, or submit a Service Request at www.uwindsor.ca/bbhelp, or visit Blackboard’s Online Support Pages for instructors.

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