Procurement Policy Review

The Finance department has recently completed a review of the following Board of Governors approved policies:

  • University Purchasing Policy
  • University Travel Policy
  • University Entertainment Policy

The University has an obligation, as part of our Board approved Finance policies and under the Ontario Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, to review each policy every five (5) years, or sooner should certain circumstances arise that cause for the review of the policy prior to that date.

As these policies flow from obligations under legislation and government directives, we are looking to gather any comments, questions, or feedback from various groups on campus through a public consultation process.

The Finance department kindly requests your participation in a questionnaire regarding our Travel, Procurement and Entertainment policies. We sincerely appreciate your input into the policy consultation process and your insights, recommendations, and perspectives provide valuable clarity and help us make informed decisions regarding policies.

We have prepared a questionnaire that covers various aspects of these policies, aiming to gather feedback and suggestions for improvement. Your responses will be instrumental in shaping the future direction of our policies and ensuring that they meet the needs of our stakeholders.

The Finance department will review the feedback from the Campus consultation process and prepare final drafts of the Procurement, Travel and Entertainment Policies that will be recommended for approval by Resource Allocation Committee to the Board of Governors in September 2023.

To facilitate the process, we kindly request that you complete the questionnaire by September 7th, 2023.