Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of History at the University of Windsor is to practice the discipline of history through innovative teaching and scholarship devoted to the study of the past in Canada and the world that:
  • enriches and enlivens our understanding of the past;
  • develops critical knowledge and skills in students in accord with the statement of “characteristics of a Windsor graduate”;
  • informs public discussion and promotes active citizenship and social justice.
  • provides historical context for the cultural expressions studied in the Arts and historical depth for social scientific research;
Characteristics of the Windsor Graduate include the ability to demonstrate: 
  • the acquisition, application and integration of knowledge 
  • research skills, including the ability to define problems and access, retrieve and evaluate information (information literacy) 
  • critical thinking and problem-solving skills 
  • literacy and numeracy skills 
  • responsible behaviour to self, others and society 
  • interpersonal and communications skills 
  • teamwork, and personal and group leadership skills 
  • creativity and aesthetic appreciation 
  • the ability and desire for continuous learning