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Our Bachelor of Arts in History program is facilitated through faculty members who are both active scholars and devoted professors. The program offers students a high level of individual attention coupled with close guidance in a variety of historical fields.

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The four-year, 40-course degree program provides depth, an opportunity to synthesize a broad knowledge of the past, and training in research methods and historical theory.  Fourth-year courses emphasize small group discussion, oral presentation, extensive research projects, and familiarity with important schools of historical literature.

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Mary Wollstonecraft In this combined honours degree you will learn about women, past and present, famous and not so well known, who changed their world - and changed themselves in the process.

History has been a leader in incorporating women into our study of the past and Women’s Studies broadens and deepens your historical understanding. Students examine how race, social class, religion, sexuality, and gender have shaped the lives of women and men in Canada and elsewhere.

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This four-year, 40-course degree permits students to combine their study of history with another discipline to provide depth in two areas. Many History majors choose to combine History with English, Classical Civilization, Political Science, Women's Studies, or Philosophy, among others. 

Indeed, History students may combine their degree with any program in the Faculty of Arts and Socieal Sciences (FASS).  In combined program, you would take 16 History courses, and between 15 and 17 courses in the second discipline.

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Burning of SodomitesThe three-year, 30 course degree program offers a basic grounding in the study of history within a general university education in the liberal arts.

This program provides the core courses in history and a wide range of courses from other disciplines. The degree also includes a number of accessible arts and human science requirements.

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Six history courses, only one of which may be at the 1000 level, and two of which must be at the 3000 level or above. Students seeking a second teachable subject area in History are advised that they must take two courses in Canadian History.

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Combined BA Honours History Programs Undergraduate Calendar

Nearly half of our History majors do a combined program, choosing to combine History with another discipline such as English, Classical Civilization, Political Science, Women’s Studies, or Philosophy, among others.

Indeed, History students may combine their degree with any program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS).  For more information on the Combined Degree in History, please click on the above link.

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