Debwewin Summer Program

Further to recommendation 6(d) of Justice Iacobucci’s First Nation Representation on Ontario Juries Report, the Debwewin First Nation Jury Review Implementation Committee (Debwewin), in collaboration with the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) and the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law are pleased to offer a 13-week summer internship placements for first or second year Windsor Law JD students during the months of May to August.

Through funding from the Debwewin Summer Student Program (Ministry of the Attorney General) and Windsor Law, a Windsor Law student will receive the Debwewin Scholarship and be placed with an Indigenous-focused organization or community. Past placements have been in First Nations, law clinics servicing Indigenous populations, and Indigenous service-based organizations.  Students live and work with Walpole Island First Nation, Bkejwanong Territory.

Walpole Island First Nation invited the students to work under the direction of Chief Dan Miskokomon and Professor Valarie Waboose from May through August. These positions are paid and there is a stipend for living expenses. Duties include research, consultation, working with community members, and conducting presentations, all within an Indigenous community framework.

These internships are being offered to support the initiative of students interested in providing community education and legal assistance support to First Nations, Métis, or Inuit (Indigenous) communities and community organizations in Ontario.  Successful applicants may propose a placement or work with the Ministry of Attorney General or law school staff to organize a placement.  Students may work with the host organization and a local Indigenous community to develop a community-based justice project that relates in some way to the Iacobucci Report subject matter and findings. Students will also be responsible for working collaboratively with other internship students within this program to develop and deliver at least two public legal education workshops to Indigenous community members on the role of the jury and other relevant issues for Indigenous people in relation to the justice system within Ontario. 

Preference will be given to students who have experience and are interested in working with Indigenous communities and Indigenous community organizations. Recipients must demonstrate solid academic achievement.

Students will be notified of recruitment for this opportunity and apply online.

Each successful candidate will be awarded up to $10,000 for their participation in the internship based on an expectation that they will be working on a full-time basis for the organization throughout the internship. Where the location of the internship requires the student to travel away from their current residence, they may apply for reimbursement to assist with some travel and accommodation costs during the internship. Applications for these further travel-related awards require proof of costs of travel. The program will also cover the costs of reasonable pre-approved workshop expenses.

No credits.

Please contact Prof. Tess Sheldon with any questions about this opportunity. Stacey Marion is the Clinical and Experiential Learning Coordinator at Windsor Law.

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