LAWG-5969-Entrepreneurship and Law: The EPICentre Practicum

Entrepreneurship and Law: The EPICentre Practicum (formerly called FUNDAMENTALS OF IP STRATEGY)
LAWG -5969
3 credits – Transnational Course

Limited enrolment: maximum of 10 students per semester

Evaluation Methodology:
This course has generally involved a mix of methods including attendance and participation, client projects, completion of online course modules and final IP strategy assignment.

Course Description: 
Offered each term, this is an innovative experiential course in IP law and business law developed in collaboration with EPICentre, the on-campus entrepreneurship and innovation centre. The course is designed to enhance the practical skills and expertise of those interested in the strategic aspects of intellectual property law and practice from both business and legal perspectives. Students will work with start-up clients (either live or simulated) and will be assigned projects relevant to the course subject matter. It is anticipated that students will prepare and deliver law-related workshops and will provide legal triage services for the innovation community in Windsor-Essex County. Given the participatory and experiential nature of the course, students are expected to actively engage with the material and their assigned projects and to come prepared for class. Students must also be willing to meet with clients or attend events outside of class time. Pre-requisites: At least one intellectual property law course ( Patent, Trademark, Copyright, or International IP Law Clinic ). Those without prior IP coursework can be admitted at the discretion of the Professor. Expressions of interest to participate in this course should be directed to Professor Tawfik ( Students can only take this course once.