Associate Dean Laverne Jacobs receives The Canadian Bar Association's Touchstone Award

Laverne Jacobs

The Canadian Bar Association has recognized Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Studies) Laverne Jacobs for her work to promote equality in the legal profession, the judiciary, and the legal community in Canada.

Dr. Jacobs has dedicated her career to teaching, researching, and writing about law and disability, administrative law, and human rights. She is the founder and director of The Law, Disability and Social Change Project, a research and public advocacy initiative based in the UWindsor Faculty of Law.

During a virtual ceremony held on February 17, the bar association conferred its 2021 Touchstone Award on Dr. Jacobs. The award recognizes successful promotion or furthering of equality at the national level and a significant contribution relating to race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or other diversity issues in the recipient’s community.

“I am delighted to have my research, scholarship, and advocacy recognized in this way,” Dr. Jacobs says. “It’s an honour to be the recipient of this national award which has been held by many legal trailblazers in the past.”

Her acceptance speech can be viewed on The Canadian Bar Association’s YouTube channel.

Valeria Kuri, a third-year law student and one of Jacobs’ nominators, says she has witnessed first-hand her dedication to disability rights and her students’ learning.

“She has inspired and challenged me and countless other students to continue to plant seeds of hope, equity, compassion, and justice within the legal field, to fight for the rights of people from disenfranchised and targeted communities, and to centralize social justice in our approach to practice,” Kuri says.

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