Professor Pascale Chapdelaine comments on Bill C-10

Pascale Chapdelaine

A recent CBC Windsor article reported on an amendment to the Broadcasting Act that failed to pass in Senate.

Professor Pascale Chapdelaine commented on Bill C-10, suggesting more clarity is needed to gain public consensus.

The bill brought forward necessary updates regarding more representation of diverse communities such as Indigenous, LGBTQ, racialized communities, accessibility for those with disabilities and inclusiveness of both official languages and minority languages said Professor Pascale Chapdelaine.

Her greatest concern is the process in which Bill C-10 was managed.

"For the adoption of a bill that impacts Canadian culture, expression, support for creators, the broadcasting industry, this needs to be done in respect of our democratic process, and ensure that proper debate takes place."

"Personally, I think the government needs to pay attention to those concerns. Law is a matter of interpretation. It's rarely absolutely cut and clear, so if there is enough concern, while there are different views and there are different approaches on the possible effects that Bill C-10 may have, it would be worth making sure that those concerns are being addressed."

She hopes the bill is eventually passed, but after more debate and improvements to address public concerns.

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