Professor Danardo Jones comments on using critical race theory to form lawyers

Danardo Jones
Professor Danardo Jones commented on critical race theory (CRT) in a recent National Magazine article: the official periodical of the Canadian Bar Association. The article states that some Canadian law schools have incorporated CRT into existing coursework, or into separate courses.
“I’ve heard some colleagues politely warn me to be on the lookout. Nobody’s said, ‘You’re not getting tenure,’” said Professor Jones who uses CRT in his courses on access to justice and criminal law.
“CRT isn’t political in Canada because it isn’t widespread. Very few universities teach it.”
"If your Black client is describing being stopped by the police and you’re looking at it exclusively as a Charter matter, you may be missing a critical defence,” said Professor Jones. “Racial profiling is not about the particular intentions of a particular police officer. You have to be alert to the role race plays in policing in order to set up an evidentiary record. Not knowing about this could mean the difference between your client being acquitted and spending a long time behind bars."
“So there’s no theory-versus-practice conflict here. CRT is a practical approach to law.”