Professor Danardo Jones comments on significant drop of drug possession charges in Ontario

Danardo Jones

In a recent CBC News article, Professor Danardo Jones commented on drug possession charges dropping 85% before trial across Ontario in the past 12 months.

As Professor Jones explains, since there are many factors that could determine why prosecutors decide to drop or divert possession charges, it's hard to pinpoint exactly why these rates differ so widely between regions.

"To withdraw or stay a charge is a formidable, formidable power," he said. "It's kind of a mystery how Crowns use this power."

He continues to say that factors that could influence such decisions could be things like a good relationship between prosecutors and defence lawyers, what's needed in that particular community and even racism.

"If we're looking at a criminal justice system in Thunder Bay that is primarily dealing with Indigenous offenders, I think there's enough evidence out there to suggest that race may be a factor," he said.

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