Book examines persons with disabilities and the law

Book Cover

Windsor Law Professor and Law, Disability & Social Change Project Director Laverne Jacobs has collaborated with five academics across Canada, to write a text about persons with disabilities and their interactions with the law.

Law and Disability in Canada: Cases and Materials is a comprehensive overview of law and disability issues in Canada, authored by Laverne Jacobs, Ruby Dhand, Freya Kodar, David Ireland, Richard Jochelson, and Odelia Bay.

The book looks at disability barriers in several areas of law including labour and employment law, criminal law, constitutional and human rights law. It takes an intersectional lens, and also examines discrete topics such as women and girls with disabilities, community living and social benefits.

The book is geared towards legal practitioners,  professionals working with people with disabilities (in law or in other fields like human resources) for practical and classroom use.

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