Professor Danardo Jones comments on Windsor's first jury trial since COVID-19 pandemic

Danardo Jones

In a recent CBC Windsor article, Professor Danardo Jones comments on the first criminal jury trial taking place in roughly 20 months at Windsor's Superior Court of Justice. Delays caused by extreme circumstances, such as a global pandemic, need to be taken into account, says Professor Jones, still, it doesn't negate the effects a delay in criminal proceedings can have on those involved.
"Everyone should be concerned about delayed justice. It is a critical access to justice issue," says Professor Jones. "While I understand that COVID is unexpected, it is nobody's fault, but we have to keep in mind there are still people that are caught up in the criminal justice system ..."
In criminal cases, the passage of time and delayed resolutions can also have deep implications for the victim, the victim's family and the community.
"If you can imagine not having the ability to close the chapter, if you can even do that, on such a heinous situation," he adds. "For the community to have faith in the administration of justice."
Even for the accused waiting for a conclusion, Jones said there can be a psychological, financial and social burden hanging over their head as they're innocent until proven guilty.
"Delayed justice is justice that's denied, imagine living in a state of constant anxiety."