Dean Reem Bahdi comments on Windsor Law's diversity survey results

Reem Bahdi

On Wednesday, Dean Reem Bahdi spoke with Tony Doucette on CBC Radio's Windsor Morning about Windsor Law's latest student diversity survey results.

"We don't set quotas, either on gender or on racialization or other categories," said Dean Bahdi. "It's a result of our inclusive and holistic admissions program."

The process asks applicants to explain how they've showed resilience in their life and demonstrate that they have something to contribute to society through their law degree, she said.

"Every year we come up with a class that's diverse and that's committed to the diversity of the community around it." Some law firms really starting to realize that "the diversity of the population requires them to think about the diversity of own workforce," she said.

Dean Bahdi said that diversity within the profession is important for many reasons.

"At Windsor law, we're committed to the idea of inclusive excellence, which really means that you can think through a problem, you can understand an issue best when you have people sitting around the table who come from a different perspective."

Listen to the full interview on CBC Radio's Windsor Morning website.

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