Suhaib Mohammad O Zada, LLM Student

Thesis Title:

The Future of Finance: How can the Regulatory Landscape be Transformed to Embrace the Future of Finance with Blockchain-Based Financial Services in Canada and Europe?

My name is Suhaib Zada. I am a highly motivated legal professional from Saudi Arabia. I have a Bachelor's (LLB) and Master's Degree (LLM) in Law, both of which I graduated with high GPA and first-class honor in LLB. My master’s thesis is titled: “The Consumer’s Right to Withdraw from the Contract”. I am a Qualified Legal Practitioner in Saudi Arabia, with over 4 years of legal experience, including practicing in local and international law firms, specializing in Commercial and Corporate Practice.

My academic performance, with GPAs of 4.96 out of 5 in my Bachelor's Degree and 4.82 out of 5 in my Master's Degree, ranks me as one of the top 5% high-performing students in the LLB & LLM programs. Also, I have attained noteworthy credentials, such as the Saudi Accreditation Standards for Legal Practitioners (SASL) Certificate and Capital Market Authority Examination (CME1) qualification.

With my educational background in Private Law, I have a strong foundation to excel in the field of technology law, specifically blockchain technology law. I have eagerness and enthusiasm for technology and innovation since an early age. I unceasingly search for technology solutions for legal and educational matters. On top of that, in my previous degrees, I had an ambition to help my colleagues with revision notes and private lessons to succeed in the courses. This has directed me to select choose this program and this topic. In writing my master’s thesis at the University of Windsor which is my second master’s degree, I will combine my expertise in corporate and commercial law with the unprecedented blockchain technology. This distinctive and exceptional program will assist me not only in obtaining LLM degree but, on top of that, will provide me with the necessary pedagogical skills of legal teaching in higher education.

As a Legal Practitioner and Law Graduate from King Saud University (ranked #110 globally, Shanghai 2022), I have written and prepared numerous legal documents, skillfully represented clients before courts, and gained an in-depth understanding of Private & Common law subjects. I have conducted research articles in various legal subjects, such as The Legal Responsibility of Financial Intermediation Institutions in The Financial Market, The Main Features of Commercial Franchise & E-Commerce Laws that Govern International Trade -A Comparative Study- and Unfair Competition in Commercial Distribution Contracts. I have published a research paper “A Legal Perspective of Computer Software Protection”. At the Journal of Legal Studies, (EIMJ), Vol.55. Available at:

My professional objective is to become a leading expert in the field of financial law, with a particular focus on emerging technologies such as blockchain. Also, I aim to have a unique law teaching style characterized with simplifying law concepts and cases to legal professionals and higher education students in law and other schools. Pursuing an LLM at Windsor Law will provide me with the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in this area as well as legal teaching and coaching, and to gain a thorough understanding of the complex legal and regulatory issues facing blockchain-based financial services in a comparative perspective. My research on blockchain-based financial services will contribute to promoting access to justice in the financial industry while exploring ways to embrace the future of finance in a transnational context.

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