Roster of Lawyers

If Black-identifying law students wish to have independent legal representation in terms of making complaints or statements to Campus Police or the Windsor Police Service regarding hateful/threatening communications they have received, the law school has made arrangements with the following lawyers. Costs for initial consultations and representation will be covered by the Faculty and students are welcome to contact these lawyers directly. If you have already been working with a lawyer with respect to a complaint to police, please feel free to contact the Dean or one of the Associate Deans to find out how the law school can assist.

Asha James
Falconers LLP
416-964-0495 x 240

Linda McCurdy
Barrister & Solicitor

If members of other equity-seeking groups at the Faculty wish to have the assistance of a lawyer from their community with respect to hateful/threatening communications, please contact the Dean or Associate Deans and we will be pleased to assist.