AMP - Rules and Academic Credit Information

Moot group is gathered around trophy

Students may obtain credit for participating in certain moot competitions. Not all moot competitions provide for academic credit. The number of credits available varies but most AMP teams are worth four (4) credits. For-credit moots are noted on a student’s Winter calendar of courses even if the work for the moot begins in the Fall semester.

A student may only participate in one (1) for-credit moot per season.

In planning a timetable, students should keep in mind that there is no guarantee that they will be selected for a moot competition. Therefore, a student must register in a full slate of courses for the Fall semester. Team selection will be completed before the course selection date for the Winter semester.

AMP Policies & Rules

  1. The AMP Workshops (five in total) are mandatory for all students participating in moot or advocacy competitions.
  2. When coaches communicate offers to students, coaches cannot demand an answer from students on the spot. The offer is open for acceptance until the end of the round in which it is offered. For example, an offer made at 9:30 am in the first round is open for acceptance until 10:00 am. See “How To Apply” for further information.
  3. Once a coach makes their offer and the student accepts, that acceptance must be communicated immediately by email to Prof. Kalajdzic.
  4. Once a student accepts an offer, the student cannot back out. 
  5. Students can only compete in one competitive moot that is for credit per school year.
  6. Students wishing to participate in a moot and another experiential or clinical opportunity in the same semester must submit an Anti-Requisite Practice Exception Form found here:  
    Permission to participate in more than one experiential program is in the discretion of supervising faculty.

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