Transforming Windsor Law: Connection to Indigenous Communities

Our deep and meaningful connection to Indigenous communities is an integral part of our institution's identity. One significant aspect of this connection is the presence of an Elder in residence, who brings invaluable wisdom and cultural insights to our academic community.

To further honor and celebrate Indigenous culture, we have commissioned a mural to be painted in three prominent spaces on campus by a talented Indigenous artist. This mural serves as a visual representation of the Indigenous stories and heritage that shape our shared history.

The wampum's significance is expressed in various ways throughout our campus, including its representation in classrooms. This integration serves as a constant reminder of the importance of acknowledging and respecting Indigenous traditions and knowledge.

Moreover, we have dedicated three rooms on campus, including the moot court, for smudging ceremonies—a sacred practice of spiritual cleansing and purification. These spaces provide Indigenous students, staff, and visitors with a safe and culturally affirming environment to conduct these meaningful ceremonies.