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LLM Curriculum

Windsor Law’s LLM students take courses that help them to develop a strong research foundation and deepen their knowledge in a given legal or socio-legal field. Required courses include research methods, legal theory and the graduate seminar. Students in the LLM with Certificate in University Teaching and Learning stream also enrol in courses focusing on topics such as law teaching with cultural competence, lecturing, course design and pedagogical assessment.  Please see the course sequencing chart for further details.

Our LLM courses and seminars are designed specifically for graduate students in Law. Exceptionally, students may enrol in up to two additional courses, as either electives or to supplement their research. These courses may be taken from the JD program or from a cognate discipline for students interested in interdisciplinary research. Students will work with their supervisor and the Director of Graduate Studies to ensure an evaluation in non-LLM courses that is suitable for a student in the LLM program.

See also the Faculty of Graduate Studies Course Calendar for additional information.

All core courses in the LLM Program are taught on Mondays and Fridays.  This includes all courses in the one-year LLM Program.

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