Windsor Law Externship Program

Windsor Law’s Externship Program places students in law firms, non-profits, non-government organizations, courts, and community collectives under the supervision of a licensed lawyer. Students participate in a preparatory seminar and are provided both on-site and academic supervision throughout the term. The Externship Program incorporates work-integrated and skills-based learning alongside critical reflection, self-directed personal and career planning, focus on ethical and professional practice, and engagement with access to justice in theory and practice.

Windsor Law’s Externship Program consists of two distinct but complementary portions: a seminar course titled “Learning in Place” and the placement itself entitled “Externship Placement”.  The seminar will consist of pre-placement training, ongoing support and a final placement showcase. The Externship Program includes a competitive application process, an array of placement sites, and a seminar that integrates the academic and work-based components of the program. Placements will vary from term to term. Students must enrol in both the seminar and work portions simultaneously.

Placements will take place primarily on a remote basis during the Fall 2021 term. Limited face-to-face opportunities may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (Toronto)

Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (Toronto)

Campigotto Law, Immigration and Refugee Law (Windsor)

Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) (Toronto)

Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA) (Toronto)

City of Windsor (Windsor)

Hamilton Community Legal Clinic (Hamilton)

HIV Legal Network (Toronto)

Industrial Accident Victims' Group of Ontario (IAVGO) Community Legal Clinic (Toronto)

Justice for Children and Youth (JFCY) (Toronto)

Margaret A. Vicente (Windsor)

Mississauga Community Legal Services (Mississauga)

Six Nations of the Grand River (Ohsweken)

SPARK LLP (Windsor or Toronto)

Unison Health and Community Services (Toronto)

University of Windsor (Windsor)

Windsor-Essex Bilingual Legal Clinic (Windsor)

Windsor Regional Hospital (Windsor)

Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) (Toronto)


Placements are updated on an ongoing basis. 

Applications are collected in the summer for the Fall term, and again in early Fall for the Winter term. Recruitment for any outstanding placements may take place closer to the start of the term. Students will be notified of the application details via email and Blackboard.

2L and 3L students may apply by submitting an online application form. Required documents for an application include a cover letter, resume, transcript (an unofficial transcript will suffice), and writing sample. Students are not guaranteed any particular placement but can rank placements in order of preference during the application process. Applications will be assessed in consultation with the Placement Supervisors.

View the Applicant Rubric


Students might be required to enrol in other Law courses before confirming an Externship placement. Students are therefore encouraged to enrol in all courses besides the Externship placement. If students secure an Externship placement, they will be given permission and instructions to enrol in both the Externship Placement (LAWG 5933-01) and the Learning in Place Seminar (LAWG 5932-01). Students can work with the Academic Coordinator’s Office to ensure the proper number of credits for a term. Students may also wish to request a credit overload form, available through the Academic Coordinator’s Office.

Students must simultaneously enrol in both the seminar (5932-01) and placement (5933-01) portions of the program for a total of 6 credits (2 for the seminar, 4 for the placement).

In order to be prepared for success, please take a moment to review the documents on this page.


Advice from Former Externs (video)

Weekly Submission of Hours

Externship Student Manual

Library Resources (video)

Anti-Requisite Practice Exception Form

Insurance Form

Learning Agreement

Mid-term Self-Evaluation

End-of-Term Self-Evauation

Mental Health & Wellness at Windsor Law

Travel Fund Application



A special thank you for your generous support of the Travel Fund

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Thank you for hosting a student extern from Windsor Law. In order to be prepared for success, please take a moment to review the documents on this page.


Please contact the Externship Director Gemma Smyth with any questions about this placement.

Stacey Marion is the Clinical and Experiential Learning Coordinator at Windsor Law.

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