Faculty Services

  1. UWin Card Once you have obtained your faculty card from the CAW centre, bring it to the law library circulation desk between 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday to allow the Law Library to update your patron record. Visiting Scholars: Your library card may have already been prepared for you; check with the circulation desk to pick it up.

  2. Reference Help / Tour Be sure to make a stop at the Reference desk and ask for Annette Demers, Vicki Jay Leung, or Meris Bray. We would be happy to provide you with a tour of the law library! We are your main contacts for any reference questions you may have.

  3. PasswordsYou are entitled to receive your own password for Westlaw Edge Canada and Lexis+. A sheet should have been included in your welcome package; however if you have not received one, simply contact lawreference@uwindsor.ca to obtain them. Follow the instructions provided on these sheets to register for the services.

  4. Keys/Swipe Cards To have after-hours access to the Law Library added to your FOB, please visit Key Control. Please contact Lisa Milne at ext 2981.
  1. The list of required readings which you provide to the General Office before the start of the term is automatically forwarded to the law library, and all required readings are put on our reserves shelves. These items are considered heavy use items and have a restricted borrowing period.

    A library-linked reading list is also created for your course. Contact a reference librarian for assistance with linking the reading list to your course page.

  2. If you require anything further to be put on reserve, contact the Access Services Clerk (lawcirc@uwindsor.ca). If you are providing copies or materials to us, please be prepared to provide copyright information for the items.

  3. If you require assistance in determining whether there is an electronic version of a particular article, please contact lawreference@uwindsor.ca

If you require books or electronic materials for any purpose, please contact Annette, Vicki, or Meris, and we will ensure that it is not currently available on campus and order it for you.

Alternatively, email lawtechserv@uwindsor.ca and attach this form.

E-Books: The law library collection development policy now prioritizes books in electronic format. Any existing print titles that are on reserve for a class have also been purchased in e-book form. If an e-book version is not available, we are acquiring two print copies.

If you require any books for teaching or research, contact lawreference@uwindsor.ca. We will endeavour to purchase these titles in e-book format, but will acquire print if no e-book is available.


Disseminating Copies to Students

There may be copyright implications for providing large numbers of copies in print or online for course use.

To protect the University from liability, please review the information sources below prior to providing content to students.

Preparing Course Materials

A required course textbook is preferred over providing copies.

Law Faculty can easily provide students with links to content from free online sources, using the links below:

Additionally, Law Faculty may post links to Brightspace from HeinOnline and some other products to which the Law Library subscribes.

For information about your copyrights as an author, please see the following:

Please send any questions to lawreference@uwindsor.ca.

Electronic Resources

The Law Library subscribes to many important online databases, in additon to Lexis+ and Westlaw. Additionally, we subscribe to many electronic books. Off-site access to electronic products is also provided; you will be asked to provide your UWIN UserID and Password to obtain access to any product from off campus.

  • To gain access to all books held by both the law library and by the campus library, both electronic and print, begin by searching the library catalogue. To obtain access to an e-book, read the entry and follow the links provided.
  • To gain access to electronic products, organized by format or jurisdiction, visit the library homepage.
  • To gain access to all subscribed electronic products for law, visit Research Sources.
  • To gain access to electronic products which are subscribed to by the campus library, visit Research Tools.
  • Alternatively, a list of all electronic products provided by the campus library is provided on the A to Z list.
  • A searchable list of electronic journals held by the campus library is also available.

Checking Out Books

Although faculty are entitled to enter the law library during after-hours periods, for the purpose of maintaining our collections, we strongly urge you to check out any books that you need while the law library is open.

The regular borrowing period for faculty is normally 4 weeks, however, you may request a longer borrowing period (for example, for the semester or for the year). The borrowing period for reserve items is 2 days. Normally non-circulating materials may be borrowed by faculty for a period of 2 weeks. Please contact lawcirc@uwindsor.ca if you require a longer borrowing period.

Law faculty do not pay fines at the law library. When your due date arrives, you will be notified via email and your books will be automatically renewed by law library staff.


Interlibrary Loans Requests

If you require materials that are not available within the University of Windsor system, you can make an interlibrary loans request. There are several means of doing this:

  1. Contact our Interlibrary Loans Clerk, lawill@uwindsor.ca.
  2. Or, use our online request system:
    1. Instructions for setting up your account
    2. Use the keyword search or the advanced search to look for the title of the book or journal you require and click "Go!"
    3. If you require an article or chapter, fill in the corresponding fields
    4. Choose "Windsor Law Library" as the pick-up location and click "Submit"
    5. Click "My Requests" to track your request


If you are in the library and need to photocopy something, please go to the circulation desk, indicate that you are a faculty member.


Your Research Assistant

Once your research assistant is registered at the Associate Dean's office, the law library will be notified.

Your RA can visit Sinisa Jezdic or Shafqat Hanif to provide them with a printing account.

Your research assistant can make photocopies for you-a slip will need to be filled in.

Your research assistant may also check books out for you.  To make this arrangement, please contact our Circulation Supervisor Lisa Milne.


Faculty Research

The Reference Librarians are always also pleased to answer any of your reference questions, or to assist your research assistants, or to participate in your research projects. For assistance, please contact Annette Demers, Vicki Jay Leung, or Meris Bray.

Learn more in detail about Faculty Publishing Tools.

Digital Repository

Use Scholarship at UWindsor to digitally preserve your published works.


Faculty may also be familiar with SSRN as another publication option. Access to the site is free. Submitting papers to SSRN is also free.

CanLII Connects - create your free login to begin submitting content!

Research Data

Learn more about Research Data Management.

Link Preservation

What is link preservation and perma.cc?

Contact lawreference@uwindsor.ca to be added to the Library perma.cc account, to archive and ensure ongoing access to online material cited in your publications.

Promoting New Books and Articles

The Website Committee and the library have recently introduced the new Promotion of Scholarly Work procedures. If you have released a new book or article, please send an email to lawreference@uwindsor.ca.

The Law Library will purchase, at a minimum, 2 copies; one for the law library regular shelves, and 1 copy for the Faculty Publications Display located in the main entrance to the Law Library. We will also format the citation and make it available to the Communications Officer for inclusion on the Faculty of Law Publications page. Please review the attachment above for full details.

Author Profile on Hein Online

Let's get Windsor Law noticed on Hein! Want to see this functionality in action?

  1. Simply visit Hein Online
  2. Do a search for an article that you have authored that you know can be found on Hein Online
  3. When viewing the article in the results list, click on the link to your name to view your profile
  4. On your profile page, you will see impact factor analytics, as well as a list of the articles that you have published that are available on Hein
  5. Simply click Submit Author Profile to enter your bio, website and social media channels

Don't have time to update your bio? Send your request to lawreference@uwindsor.ca. We can do this so long as your public webpage on the U Windsor website is current, or email your bio to me. Alternatively you can visit the author profile setup page directly.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows you to set a profile and track your citations. Learn more about scholarly reputation maintenance with Google Scholar.

Current Awareness Services

Please note that the law library is available to assist you with your current awareness needs. Annette sends out a list of new law journal articles weekly. This service is provided by the Current Index to Legal Periodicals.

Specialized current awareness services may also be arranged by contacting lawreference@uwindsor.ca.

The Law Library handles renewals of the Faculty of Law's institutional memberships with the following associations:

For all purposes, should you require additional information about the law school's institutional membership with one of these organizations, or to request that a new membership be considered, please contact lawreference@uwindsor.ca


Last Updated: June 4 2024 ADemers