International Patent Drafting Competition

The second annual International Patent Drafting Competition will be held on February 10 and 11, 2017.  The registration deadline is October 12, 2016. 

The competition is hosted through the International Intellectual Property Law Clinic (joint clinic between the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law) and will take place at the Elijah J. McCoy Midwest Regional United States Patent and Trademark Office located in Detroit, Michigan. 

Who Can Compete?

The competition is open to students who are enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis in a higher education degree, provided that:

  • such course is not a research degree in law;
  • he or she has not been admitted or licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction; and
  • he or she is enrolled at his or her institution at the date of the competition, or at an earlier time as permitted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee

A university or other higher education institution may only enter ONE team for the competition. A team can comprise of two or three team members.  

All participants must read the complete International Patent Drafting Competition Rules.  PLEASE NOTE: The rules have been amended to permit students who may have already passed the Patent Bar to participate in this event.

Why Compete? 

Practice makes perfect.  The competition provides students with the chance to put into practice their knowledge pertaining to IP law. Students will be provided with a hypothetical invention. Each team must then complete and later present a patent application pertaining to this invention. Competing teams will present their patent appliations in front of judges comprising of patent examiners, practitioners and several high profile guest judges.  

Bragging rights. This is a competition. Students from both Canadian and American law schools can represent their schools in this competition. Prizes will be awarded to the top presentations.  


The registration deadline is October 12, 2016.  The registration fee is $260 Canadian Dollars (or approximately $200 American Dollars) per team.  

Registration is now closed.

The registration fee covers the team registration into the competition as well as food and drinks during the competiton.  All other exenses including travel and accomodation are the sole responsibility of each competing team.  Please note that the registration fee is not refundable. 


For more information or questions about the competition, please do not hesitate to contact Wissam Aoun, Clinic Director or Clementa Stan, Clinic Coordinator.

Competition Sponsors 

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