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Fall 2019 AGM

The WURA Fall 2019 AGM was attended by about thirty people who heard from WURA committee members Roger Lauzon, Barbara Thomas, Norm King, Wilfred Innerd, David Palmer and Ihor Stebelsky. Special guests included Cheryl Paglione, Rita LaCivita both from Human Resources, Marion Doll from Awards, Anna Lanoszka from WUFA and Dr. Robert Gordon, President and Dr. Douglas Kneale, Vice-President and Provost.

Reports presented at the meeting include the following;

  1. Fall 2019 AGM Agenda (Microsoft Word)
  2. WURA President's Report - Roger Lauzon (Microsoft Word)
  3. Minutes from the WURA Spring 2019 Annual General Meeting (Microsoft Word)
  4. Treasurer's Report, Norm King (Microsoft Word)
  5. Pension and Benefits Committee Report, Barbara Thomas (Microsoft Word)
  6. Nominating Committee Report, David Palmer (PDF Format) 
  7. Board of Governor's Pension Committee Report, Ihor Stebelsky (Microsoft Word)

Photographs of the event presented in no specific order.

Jonathan Bailey and Richard Householder

Bob Gaspar, Larry Glassford and John Meyer


Andy Turek, Peter Hudec and Ihor Stebelsky

Tony Blair

View of the room with people socializing

View of the room, people voting on motion.

Barb and Don Thomas

Maria Blass, Louise and Ian

Roger Lauzon opens the meeting

Meeting in progress

Meeting in progress

Veronika, Maureen, friend and Anna socializing midway through the meeting

Rita LaCivita

Anna from WUFA

Barb Thomas with Roger Lauzon in the background

Cherryl Paglioni

David Palmer

Wilf Innerd with Barbara Thomas in the foreground.

Ihor Stebelsky


Dr. Gordon

Louise and Ian Baxter

Guest table, Cheryl Pagliioni, Rita LaCivita, Anna Kirby, Marion Doll, and Dr. Gordon.


Alfie Morgan and Ihor Stebelsky