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LEAD Scholars

LEAD students

Participate in high impact experiences throughout your undergraduate career in Science and earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medallion at graduation

In the 2017-2018 year the Faculty of Science introduced the LEAD Medallion Scholars program to recognize students in good standing who have excelled beyond the classroom.  To earn a medallion, recipients will have demonstrated Leadership, Engagement, Application and Discovery during your time in the Faculty of Science at the University of Windsor.  Specifically, we are recognizing your participation in:

Leadership in on-campus and off-campus organizations
Engagement through Service Learning or Study Abroad
Application through an internship or co-op program
Discover through undergraduate research

Through the LEAD Medallion Scholars program awards you can receive either a bronze, silver, or gold medal based on how many of the LEAD categories you completed.  Each activity you participated in can only count towards one area of LEAD.

Information on how to apply to be a 2020 LEAD Medallion Scholar will be made available on this webpage in Winter 2020.


gold medal

for completing high impact experiences in all 4 areas of LEAD

silver medal

for completing high impact experiences in any 3 areas of LEAD

bronze medal

for completing high impact experiences in any 2 areas of LEAD