Undergraduate Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Welcome to Destination Science. It is our job to ensure you make the most of your university experience. You may need to know which courses will satisfy your degree program or want to talk to someone knowledgeable about your program. Every department within the Faculty of Science has departmental advisors to assist undergraduate students.

What Science Advisors can offer:

  • Understanding your Academic Progress Report and degree requirements
  • Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing (Late Withdrawing) from Courses 
  • Multiple Attempts at taking a Course
  • Understanding the University's academic policies and regulations
  • Developing a plan to deal with academic difficulties (i.e., Academic Probation & Required to Withdraw)
  • Applying for Aegrotat Standing 
  • Substituting Course for Program Requirements 
  • Applying for Grade Appeals 
  • Registering for Course Overload
  • Applying for Graduation/Convocation
  • Providing Information about Academic Integrity
  • Choosing or changing your program or major

Each department has dedicated Departmental Academic Advisors:

Please email the Faculty of Science secretary at science@uwindsor.ca, visit the Faculty of Science office in Rm. 242 Essex Hall, or call 519-253-3000 Extension: 3009.  Alternatively, email the Academic & Student Affairs Secretary Laura Laurie at scienceundergrad@uwindsor.ca visit room 234, Essex Hall or phone 519-253-300 (x3011).

Please contact the department by email at biomedsci@uwindsor.ca to request an appointment or visit the departmental academic advising page.

Please contact the Chemistry and Biochemistry main office at 253-3000 (x3526) or by emailing to chembiohead@uwindsor.ca. Please provide your full name, student number and description of problem(s) or questions. Visit their list of counsellors on their Admin and Counsellors page or visit the Chemistry & Biochemistry Main Office in 273-1 Essex Hall.

Please contact the Computer Science main office email csinfo@uwindsor.ca or email the undergraduate secretary Ms. Tina Palmer at tpalmer@uwindsor.ca or 519-253-3000 Ext. 2991. Visit the Computer Science tutoring and academic assistance page for more information.

For personalized academic advising, please contact the advisor associated with your specific degree program (Environmental Science or Environmental Studies).  Contact information for academic advisors is provided here.  Email is the best way to initiate contact with an academic advisor.  To facilitate a response, please provide your student number and a description of your advising needs in your email. 

Please contact the Faculty of Science secretary at science@uwindsor.ca for inquiries. Visit room 242, Essex Hall or phone 519-253-300 (x3009).

For the Biological Sciences program - please email the Biology main office at biosci@uwindsor.ca or phone 519-253-3000 (x5042). 

For the Behaviour Cognition and Neuroscience program - please contact the Biology main office at biosci@uwindsor.ca or phone 519-253-3000 (x5042). 

You can book an appointment with an academic advisor for either program by visiting: Integrative Biology Bookings

Visit their academic advising page for more information about advisors and program advising forms.



Please contact the undergraduate advisor, Justin Lariviere, at jlarivie@uwindsor.ca or by phone at (519) 253-3000 x 3021 to set up an appointment.  Visit the department’s Student Resources and Services page for more information.

Please email the Physics Main Office at physics@uwindsor.ca  or phone 519-253-300 (x2647) to set up an appointment.

MySci Advisors is a science-based mentoring program that matches incoming Faculty of Science students  with an upper year student in the same program. You can gain valuable advice while also making connections.

The Peer Support Center is a good resource if you want to express your mental health concerns to other students. Their office is located in the second floor of the CAW.

SOS (Students Offering Support) is a tutoring resource available for the majority of first and second year science courses (as well as courses in other faculties). You will receive a package and also be able to attend an on-campus session, and all proceeds go towards sustainable education projects in Central America. 

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is an organization that aims to provide an equal access of education for all academically qualified students who have disabilities.

Student Counselling Centre at the University of Windsor provides registered students free, confidential mental health counselling delivered by trained mental health  professionals. Students in crisis will be provided support and counselling.

Student Leadership and Success Centre provides general advising and can help you understand your Advisement Report.  They are also a good source of information for all services available on campus.

Science Service Learning enriches the student experience while fostering civic responsibility, and strengthening communities.

Student Success and Leadership Centre offers a variety of programs to enhance academic learning, personal success and leadership skills.

Student Support Services contains a comprehensive list of helpful campus programs.

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) is an online library of engaging, interactive programs to learn life skills and to help you bounce back from disappointments or stumbling blocks in life. As you watch videos and engage with our interactive components, you'll gain the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills you need to achieve your goals. 

JumpStart: Skills Labs for Success - to support first-year students as they begin their post-secondary educational journey at the University of Windsor.

Bounce Back is a program designed to support students who are struggling to find success during their post-secondary experience, and will run weekly for 9 weeks, starting in the Fall semester.

To seek a campus wide academic advisor (not specific to your department or program) please visit the Student Leadership and Success Centre in Dillon Hall Rm. 111, or visit their appointment booking website for more information.