Master of Science in Translational Health Science

Welcome to the Master of Science in Translational Health Science (MSTHS) Program 

Here below you can find information about our program objectives, course descriptions, faculty members, local partners, as well as links to relevant websites for applying to the program. Feel free to reach out and contact us if you have any questions about the program (contact information below)

Translational Health Sciences is a new and rapidly growing research field that seeks to “translate” or bridge the gap between advances in laboratory medical research and health care in clinical practice. In a modern-day approach to healthcare, successful research-programs utilize a multidisciplinary team of scientists, health professionals, economists, and statisticians working together to solve complex health and social problems. There is a need to offer students a training path that incorporates clinical science, public health, and basic biomedical research to accelerate the application of biological breakthroughs to human health. To address this opportunity, and the dearth of educated students with these skills, the Faculty of Science is offering a professional Master of Science in Translational Health Sciences (“MSTHS”) program.

Program Specific Admission Requirements:

  • Intake Semesters: We only intake students each year in May (all students begin with the Spring/Summer Semester)
  • Deadline for application: January 1st, 2024 for Domestic Students
    • Please note that Entrance Scholarships may be available to those students that apply before January 1st. No special request or forms need to be filled out. All qualified* applications from domestic students received by January 1st are automatically considered for an entrance scholarship.
      • * must have a cumulative GPA of 80% or greater for last 2 years of full-time study. 
      • Entrance Scholarships are valued at $3750 (CAD)
      • A limited number of international entrance scholarships may be available. The number available varies from year to year. No special requests or applications are required for entrance scholarships. All applications received before January 1st are considered. Entrance Scholarships are distributed limited by the number available (which may be 0 for international students in some years).
  • Application Review Dates: We will review all International applications after the January 1st deadline and respond as soon as possible (we will attempt to contact international students as soon as possible to allow for student-visa acquisition). Domestic applications will be reviewed by Feb. 1st deadline.
  • For applicants whose native language is not English, a satisfactory score on an English proficiency test is required.
    • Applicants are exempt from submitting an English language proficiency examination score if any one of the following conditions is true:
    1. Within the past two years you have completed a university degree at a Canadian institution.
    2.  Within the past two years you have completed a university degree at an institution where English was the primary language of instruction, as indicated on our exemption list (Click on the drop-down menu "English Language Proficiency Examination Score Exemptions" for a complete list of exempt countries)
  • Minimum TOEFL: IBT-94
  • Minimum IELTS: 7.0 (with no IELTS band score less than 6.5). There are no exceptions. Any band less that 6.5 will not be accepted and will disqualify the application.
    • IELTS should be based on the "Academic" Reading and Writing Modules (i.e., not "General")
    • N.B. Test Reports should be dated within the last 2 years
  • Duolingo: 120+
  • International Student Centre: If you are an international student you can find excellent resources and guidance via the University of Windsor's International Student Centre website.

Additional Requirements:

  • A Bachelor of Science degree, or Nursing, or a Bachelor of Science in a related field.
  • Two letters of reference (academic reference(s) or referee(s) that can speak to the pursuit of your academic credential e.g., Co-op supervisor).
  • At least one undergraduate statistics course for science, health, or math disciplines.
  • GPA: Minimum average of 70% or greater during last 2 years of undergraduate study.
  • Students are required to be available for in-person instruction and clinical placements.
  • Enrolment will be limited

N.B.: A resume or CV is not a required document. Nor is a personal statement required. There is no place to upload such additional documents in the application portal.

General Admission Requirements for All Graduate Programs



  1. Go to the Faculty of Graduate Studies "Graduate Application Steps" webpage
  2. There are 4 steps listed on their webpage. Once you go to their webpage PLEASE READ all 4 steps entirely before clicking on any of their hyperlinks.
  3. After reviewing all 4 steps, return to Step 1 and begin working through the process.
    1. Please note that one of the first steps is to create a new user account and that you may need to wait 24 hours before receiving a confirmation email with your user account information.
    2. Even current and former UWindsor Students must complete Step 1 before Applying for Graduate Programs
  4. Once you receive your new user account information by email, proceed to Steps 2, 3 and 4 on the Graduate Application Website.


  1. Students that are accepted into the MSTHS program will be expected meet all policy and document requirements (e.g., police clearance, immunization records, etc) in order to participate in the experiential learning placement as required by the University of Windsor and the institutional partner where their experiential learning placement occurs. 
    1. These documents are not required as part of the application process.
    2. However, students that are accepted into the program will, subsequently, be required (during the first term of the program) to provide any and all information on these matters as required by the relevant institutions where their experiential learning placement takes place.
  2. The MSTHS program is now OSAP eligible! We have received approval from the government of Ontario's Ministry of Colleges and Universities. Learn if you qualify and how to apply for OSAP by clicking on the link for


Dr. Martin Crozier is the Program Coordinator for the MSTHS Graduate Program. You can contact him via email at