Admin & Counsellors

 To make an appointment with a counsellor, please contact the main office at 253-3000 x3526 or by emailing to Please provide your full name, student number and description of problem(s) or questions.

Gauld, James 
Department Head
Ext. 3526

Green, James
Advisor to the Chemical Control Centre
Ext. 3545

Rawson, Jeremy
Assistant Chair/Graduate Coordinator
Ext. 3700

Ananvoranich, Sirinart
Assistant Chair/Undergraduate Counsellor - Biochem
Ext. 3550

Eichhorn, S. Holger
Undergraduate Chair, Undergraduate Counsellor - Chem
Ext. 3990

Pandey, Siyaram
Undergraduate Counsellor - Biochem
Ext. 3701

Trant, John
Undergraduate Counsellor - Chem
Ext. 3528

Vacratsis, Panayiotis
Undergraduate Counsellor - Biochem
Ext. 3541

Wang, Jichang
Undergraduate Counsellor - Chem
Ext. 3540

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