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Chemistry & Biochemistry Co-op Internship

The Chemistry and Biochemistry programs at the University of Windsor are designed to provide students with a strong foundation of skills and expertise in the field of science. Students within these programs will have the unique opportunity to use classroom knowledge to conduct research in a professional setting, and the prospect of gaining hands-on experience in the field of Chemistry and Biochemistry through relevant paid co-op internship opportunities. Students enrolled into the co-op internship program will be exposed to the latest research, and scientific development in a variety of industries through their 8, 12, or 16-month work term opportunity.

Students work in partnership with a coordinator to secure a work term placement by applying to our job board or by working on a guided job search. Typical student positions within similar internships include:

  • Agricultural Research Assistant
  • Quality Control Analyst
  • Process Inspector
  • Junior Analytical Chemist
  • Research and Development Technician

Organizations such as CNOOC, Jamieson Natural Sources, Catalent and Agricultural and Agri-Food Canada have interest in internship and co-op students within the Chemistry and Biochemistry disciplines.

Year 3 Application Requirements:

  • Minimum 67% major average, 70% CGPA, and not more than one outstanding grade below 50% after completion of four terms of study

Each student accepted into the program will have to complete a non-credit job readiness program, Transform during the fall study term of their third year. A pass in Transform will allow students to move onto the job competition, where they compete for placement opportunities during the winter study term. 

Four-month placements are not available. There are only 8, 12, or 16-month placements to ensure course offerings are available at the correct time. 

   Year of Study   




   Year 1    Study         Study    Off
   Year 2    Study    Study    Off
   Year 3    Study (Transform)       Study    Work   
   Year 4    Work    Work    Work/Off  
   Year 5    Study    Study    -

*Alternatively, students can take the summer after Year 3 off and complete an 8-month or 12-month work term starting in the fall of their 4th year.

Current Students: 

Current students not already admitted to the internship program can apply in the fall of their third year of study. Students must be full-time, have a minimum major average of 67% and no more than one outstanding F grade on their transcript. Applications can be submitted via mySuccess. Select “Co-op” and follow the instructions provided. 

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Romina Oulevey
WIL Coordinator, Business, Kinesiology, Chemistry/Biochemistry and Physics
Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre, Suite 132 | 519-253-3000 ext. 3561

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