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Chemistry & Biochemistry Co-op Internship

Program Overview

The Chemistry and Biochemistry programs at the University of Windsor have been designed to provide students with a strong foundation of skills and expertise in the field of science. Students within these programs will have the unique opportunity to use classroom knowledge to conduct research in a professional setting. You will have the prospect of gaining hands-on experience in the field of Chemistry and Biochemistry through relevant paid co-op internship opportunities. Students enrolled into the co-op internship program will be exposed to the latest research, and scientific development in a variety of industries through their 8, 12, or 16-month work term opportunity.

Students work in partnership with their Coordinator to secure a work term placement and will apply on our job board as well as work in partnership with their Coordinator on a guided job search.

Typical student positions within similar internships include:

  • Agricultural Research Assistant
  • Quality Control Analyst
  • Process Inspector
  • Junior Analytical Chemist
  • Research and Development Technician

Organizations such as CNOOC, Jamieson Natural Sources, Catalent and Agricultural and Agri-Food Canada have interest in internship and co-op students within this discipline to name a few.


Internship students pay an additional fee.  A fee schedule will be provided during the application process.


Each student accepted into the program will have to complete a non-credit job readiness program (Transform Module 1) while on their Fall Study term. A pass in Module 1 will allow students to move onto Module 2, where students compete for placement opportunities during the Winter study term.

No four-month placements are available, only 8, 12 or 16 to ensure your course offerings are available at the correct time.

  • YEAR 1:
    • Fall: Study
    • Winter: Study
    • Summer: Off
  • YEAR 2:
    • Fall: Study
    • Winter: Study
    • Summer: Off
  • YEAR 3:
    • Fall: Study (Transform Module 1)
    • Winter: Study
    • Summer: Off (Optional Work Term)
  • YEAR 4:
    • Fall: Work Term 1
    • Winter: Work Term 2
    • Summer: Off (Optional Work Term)
  • YEAR 5:
    • Fall: Study
    • Winter: Study

Academic Requirements

Year 3 Application:

* Minimum 75% major average, 70% CGPA and not more than one outstanding grade below 50% after completion of four terms of study.

* Students who do not meet the minimum requirements may still be eligible for the internship program if they have extensive relevant work experience and/or have strong personal interview

How to Apply

Current students not already admitted to the internship program can apply for the internship in the fall of their 3rd year of study. Students must be full-time, have a minimum major average of 75% and no more than one outstanding F grade on their transcript. The deadline for fall 2020 has passed.  Applications can be submitted via mySuccess.  Select Co-op and follow the instructions provided.

Please note that once your application is submitted it cannot be edited.

For more information about the Chemistry/Biochemistry Co-op Internship please reach out to:

Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnerships

Romina Oulevey, WIL Coordinator; Business, Kinesiology, Chemistry/Biochemistry and Physics

Room #1101 Lambton Tower
(519) 253-3000 ext. 3561