High School WIN.CHEM Program

Connecting High School Science Students to Interactive Chemistry Experiments

  • Are you a student in grade 11 or 12 at a high school in Windsor/Essex County taking high school chemistry?
  • Are you a high school chemistry teacher in Windsor/Essex County?
  • If so, we would like to invite you and your class to attend our WIN.CHEM interactive labs for high school students.

chemistry flasksWe can accommodate groups of 12-36 students, and provide:

  • an interactive chemistry laboratory experience
  • tour of the University of Windsor campus
  • some University of Windsor "swag" to take home

Our interactive labs feature stations on:

  • cryogenics
  • polymers
  • metals and alloys
  • combustion
  •  thermodynamics
  • solution chemistry and kinetics

If you would like to arrange an event for your high school class or more information on this program, please have your teacher contact Prof. Sirinart Ananvoranich  (sirinart.ananvoranich@uwindsor.ca).