Student Multimedia Projects

Student Multimedia Projects

Our 4th year students in the Technical Communication Skills (64-496) class have created instructional modules to help high-school teachers explain modern physics concepts at the high-school level.  These interactive modules are provided for free as resources for high-school teachers who wish to include advanced topics in the physics curriculum.

  • Spooky Music at a Distance: "Theremin Physics" © Dominique Eskritt, Taylor Tracey Kyryliuk, Jia Xi Ren, 2018, All Rights Reserved.
  • Physical Processes behind Electricity Generation © Candice Fast, Jean-Marc Beneteau, Aleksandra Tojcic , 2018, All Rights Reserved.
  • Transition of Transistors © Cyrus Cerkausas, Beau Greaves, Spencer Percy, Michael Zhao, 2016, All Rights Reserved.
  • Remote Sensing © Ebo Essilfie-Amoah, Allie Paulick, and Anthony Piazza, 2016, All Rights Reserved.
  • Refractive Errors of the Eye © Justine Cunningham, Austin Lindquist, and Hassan Shahzad, 2016, All Rights Reserved.
  • Masters of Detection © Austin G. Docherty, and Babatunde Olarewaju, 2016, All Rights Reserved.
  • Star Formation © Kate Golden, Alex Chesnik, Daniel Venn, 2016, All Rights Reserved.
  • Atomic Weapons © Matthew Alexander, Ryan Alfano, Wesley Frowley, 2016, All Rights Reserved.
  • Pulsars and Neutron Stars © Mariam Al-ansary, Ozair Ahmed, Zaki Ahmed, Jacob Manalo, 2013, All Rights Reserved.
  • Antimatter © Dylan Malenfant, Jon Krehling, Sara Dumouchelle, 2013, All Rights Reserved.
  • Levitation © Andrew Ouellette, Geoffrey Baran, Russell Putnam, 2013, All Rights Reserved.
  • The Steam Engine: The History & Physics of The Influential Machine! © Aaron Mascaro, Dante Capaldi, Lucas Montcalm, 2013, All Rights Reserved.
  • Light-Matter Interactions and Applications - a WebQuest © Daniel Travo, Aneesh Dhar, Justin Kamp, Hussein Wehbe, 2011, All Rights Reserved.
  • GPS: Global Positioning Systems - a WebQuest © Claire Coughlin, 2011, All Rights Reserved.
  • 3DTV © Jeffery Dech, John Donohue, and Ryan Woodman, 2010, All Rights Reserved.
  • Laser Energy Transfer - a workshop © 2010, All Rights Reserved. [Flier] [PresentationGuide]
  • Holography - workshop © Abbey Garant, Bryan Hollister, Mehdi Mehdi, Ilma Xhafarllari © 2010, All Rights Reserved. [Flier] [PresentationGuide]
  • Plasmas © Helen Nhan, Theresa Spanjers, David Trudell, 2009, All Rights Reserved.
  • Atom Smashers © Neville Malabre O'Sullivan, Mario Rip, Adam Sinasac, Dan Trojand, 2009, All Rights Reserved. 
  • Alternative Fuel Technologies © Roman Atanosov, Eric Vyskocil, Matthew Williams, 2007, All Rights Reserved. 
  • Medical Imaging © Brandon Disher, Logan Lenarduzzi, Benjamin Lewis, Justin Teeuwen, 2006, All Rights Reserved.
  • Molecular Electronics © Ivan Kandikov, Mark Lubrick, Josh Mutus, Jeff Nantais, Mike Busuttil, 2006, All Rights Reserved.  (Note: You must allow Active-X and download the latest Flash player to view this site correctly)
  • Space Exploration © Ryan Murray, Rob Petro, Luc Serré, Yihan Tian, 2006, All Rights Reserved.
  • Brownian motion © Adam Mills, 2005, All Rights Reserved.
  • Special theory of relativity © Adam Aczel, Shawn Pernasilici & Violeta Piasecka, 2005, All Rights Reserved.
  • Photoelectric effect © Yann Gagnon, Atri Maharaj & Sean Sutton, 2005, All Rights Reserved.

These modules are provided by the respective authors. The authors permit free distribution and non-profit use of this module in educational settings provided the module is properly attributed to the authors. These modules may not be copied or reproduced for purposes other than non-profit educational purposes, except as permitted by copyright laws, without the authors' written permission.

Note: The authors have taken pains to ensure the correctness of the science presented.  However, the Physics Department or the University of Windsor is not responsible for any errors or omissions in these modules.  Any comments may be sent by email to Dr. C. Rangan at