Volunteering & Career Planning

Our programs provide the successful student with skills valued by employers, such as:

• Ways to think and reason critically and systematically about the diversity of
   human groups, why and how broader contexts shape people's lives and

• Inspiring ways for investigating social life underlying social forces

• Skills for appreciating and evaluating different perspectives

• Tools for recognizing multiple power relations and sources of conflict in social

• Ways to understand mechanisms and consequences of social change,
   including the role of human agency

• Recognizing how symbols, language, and meaning inherently shape the world
   and human’s actions in it

Key Skills We Teach

• Written and oral communications

• Numeracy and the ability to understand statistics

• Research skills: social research methods, research design, and methodology

• Understanding and Valuing Cultural Diversity

• Critical Thinking: understanding and evaluating explanations and analyses of
   social life; identifying and plausibly resolving inadequacies in accounts of
   social life; understanding how values and power shape research and
   people’s accounts

Career Planning Resources and Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for ways to get involved on campus and in the community? Join The Sociology & Criminology Student Society and find out how!

UWindsor's Volunteer Internship Program is an excellent way to gain valuable practical experience.

Sign up for new volunteer opportunity notifications through the UWindsor Volunteer website

UWindsor's Co-op, Career and Employment Services is a one-stop information hub that will lead you to finding the help you need with résumé building and interview preparation, job fair opportunities, career workshops, and so much more!

A Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a means by which you can showcase the skills you've learned outside of the classroom to prospective employers.

Services for Youth through The Government of Canada provides useful links to guide you through every stage of the job-hunting process.

You may also consider exploring placement / job opportunities with the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County or at The United Way, Windsor-Essex County, for example.