Open Office Hours with Michelle

On campus our Exchange Coordinator's name is Michelle and she holds regular office hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm - 4:30pm. If you can't make these times simply send Michelle an email and she will be happy to work with your schedule. You can also take a look at the videos below for some quick answers to questions that many students face. 

Questions About Exchange

Are you looking for more information about exchange but don't know where to find it? Check out this video for more information from our Exchange Coordinator, Michelle.

Where to Go

Where will you go on exchange? There are countless options available for almost every student at the University of Windsor and Michelle tells us a little more about them.

Money, Money, Money

Many students are concerned about the cost surrounding exchange, but you may be surprised to see how much it actually costs. Michelle, the exchange coordinator, tells us why exchange may be more manageable than you thought!

Myths About Exchange

Are you also worried about delaying your graduation or maintaining your grades? Michelle will tell you why you need not fear! 

Benefits of Exchange

Did you know that there are three main benefits of going on exchange? Listen to what Michelle, our Exchange Coordinator, has to say.

Thank you to FAHSS's online advising team for putting together these great videos, you can find similar videos on different topics on the FAHSS website