Strategies for Labs and Studio Classes

The challenge for moving laboratory and studio work online is the emphasis on technique and performative skills that often require in-person specialized equipment. Key to successfully shifting these learning environments online is to focus on specific elements that can allow students both to acquire and demonstrate relevant learning. In moving your labs or studio exercises online, consider the following:

  • Can your course learning outcomes be adequately achieved through demonstrations or simulated activities?
  • Are there existing resources (virtual labs, interactive modules, etc.) readily available for you to draw on? If so, are costs manageable? Will you and your students have sufficient IT support?
  • Could you reasonably adjust lab or studio exercises to concentrate on those activities (e.g., data analysis and reporting, sculpting and design, etc.) that students can complete virtually or at home with their own equipment?
  • Can students demonstrate achievement of outcomes by documenting or recording (audio or video) their own work?  Or by submitting reflects on demonstrations or simulated activities?

The following resources may help: