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Academic Integrity

Fostering Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity at UWindsor wiki page  offers practical and evidenced-based strategies to encourage academic integrity and make cheating more difficult in both assignments and tests. A collection of interactive slides outline key reasons students resort to plagiarism and specific strategies to address those motives. Sample wording for Academic Integrity Statements is also provided.


SafeAssign is a tool that assists in the detection of plagiarism. By comparing student submissions against a series of databases, SafeAssign can provide useful information for instructors to determine the originality of a student assignment. SafeAssign can be used as part of the Assignments tool in Blackboard Learn or accept direct submissions. See our Tips for Using and Interpreting SafeAssign wiki page  for more information.

Online Proctoring

Online proctoring can provide virtual invigilation of exams, but raises many issues, both technological, as well as with privacy and equity. The University of Windsor is exploring options for online proctoring of exams.

Office of Academic Integrity

For information about Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures, please visit the Office of Academic Integrity  . Also available are a range of resources for preventing, detecting and responding: