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Grading and Feedback

Formative, Effective, Timely Feedback

As an instructor, feedback is one of the most powerful tools to both engage students and support their learning.  The most effective feedback is based on clear, transparent, criteria and provides students with precise and constructive suggestions for improvement. Ideally, students will also have an opportunity to respond to those suggestions. Resources include:

  • General principles for providing effective feedback  
  • Rubrics are an effective method for informing students about the expectations for an assessment as well as providing feedback on their achievements.  Rubrics are also helpful to use in large classes when multiple graders are submitting feedback as it can ensure all are evaluating according to a common set of criteria. For more information, view the following resource: Exploring Criteria Sheets & Scoring Guides for Grading  .
  • Blackboard tools for providing feedback:
    • Annotation tool  and inline grading  
    • Rubrics  . Rubrics can be attached to Assignments, Grade Center Columns, Discussions, and manually graded questions on Tests. Instructors can customize the criteria that they wish students to apply towards their assessment and provide levels of achievement for those criteria.
    • Note that feedback can be provided automatically in objective tests

Blackboard Grade Centre

The Grade Centre allows you to record and calculate grades, as well as monitor student progress. You can determine which assigned grades to show to your students, including columns displaying performance results. You can provide and manage your students' grades for assignments, tests, discussion posts, journals, blogs, and wikis, and keep track of ungraded items, such as surveys or self-tests. You can also create grade columns for any additional activities or requirements you want to grade, such as special projects or participation. Resources include:

Transferring Final Grades to UWinsite

The University of Windsor has created a customized tool to facilitate transferring of grades to UWinsite. For instructions on how to set up and use this tool, visit our Transfer Final Grades  wiki page.