Noiseborder Ensemble

The Noiseborder Multimedia Performance Lab is home to the Noiseborder Ensemble.

The Noiseborder Ensemble (NBE) creates and performs multimedia works featuring a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments as well as live processing and mixing of sound and video. Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the group has presented more than thirty original multimedia pieces since its inception in 2008. The Noiseborder Ensemble also works on an ongoing basis with collaborating artists nationally and internationally.

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performance of Klangfabrik IKlangfabrik I (2016)
Sigi Torinus, Trevor Pittman, Brent Lee, Anthony Giglio
Sigi Torinus’s Klangfabrik I offers up a conversation between live performers and their pre-recorded projected counterparts. …go to Klangfabrik I page


performance of Signs and SymptomsSigns and Symptoms (2014)
Sigi Torinus, Brent Lee
The Noiseborder Ensemble was invited to perform at the W.A.V.E.S. festival sponsored by the City of Windsor and presented in …go to Signs and Symptoms page


supernatant performancesupernatant (2014)
Nic de Cosson, Brent Lee
supernatant is an audiovisual installation created by Nic de Cosson and Brent Lee. The piece began with video recordings …go to supernatant page


Outer Drive performanceOuter Drive (2014)
Brent Lee, Chris McNamara
Outer Drive is a ten-minute work for piano with electroacoustic audio and video. The work exists both in a fixed version and in an …go to Outer Drive page


cycle~ eventcycle~ (2014)
Noiseborder Ensemble
The Noiseborder Ensemble’s first live coding event at the University of Windsor featured Martin Schiller, Anthony Giglio, and …go to cycle~ page


performance of PranaPrana (2014)
Sigi Torinus
Prana is an interactive audiovisual work for one or two wind instruments, live electronics, and live video mixing. …go to Prana page


performance of Hacked by HackerHacked by Hacker (2013)
Martin Schiller, Brent Lee
Named after all that was left of our Noiseborder Ensemble website in the summer of 2013 after a relatively benign hack …go to Hacked by Hacker page


still from Corrida AutotopiaCorrida Autotopia (2012)
Owen Eric Wood, Brent Lee, Nic de Cosson
Corrida Autotopia began with processed recordings created by Brent Lee of the sound environment on Huron Church Rd. …go to Corrida Autotopia page


Parvis performanceParvis (2012)
Brent Lee, Sigi Torinus
Parvis is an improvisational structure that uses Max MSP software to create accompaniments for live improvising performers …go to Parvis page


still from (follow that) Dream (home)(follow that) Dream (home) (2010-12)
Brent Lee, Sigi Torinus, Nick Papador
In 2010, Noiseborder Ensemble percussionist Nick Papador and his wife Johanna Frank bought a home in Windsor, …go to (follow that) Dream (home) page


performance of Subatomic TimeSubatomic Time (2010-15)
Brent Lee, Sigi Torinus, Nick Papador
Subatomic Time is a 35-minute performance piece featuring solo percussionist Nicholas Papador, live audio processing, and live …go to Subatomic Time page


Viz performanceViz (2011)
Sigi Torinus, Riaz Mehmood

…go to Viz page


performance of Flowers for those lost at seaFlowers for those lost at sea (2011)
Chris McNamara

…go to Flowers for those lost at sea page


still from ESPESP (2010)
Brent Lee, Nic de Cosson, Elke Utermöhlen
ESP is an improvisational structure developed around two Max MSP patches; the first patch records short vocal sounds into four buffers and …go to ESP page


Discrete Strains performanceDiscrete Strains (2009)
Brent Lee, Sigi Torinus
Discrete Strains is a work of variable duration for large chamber ensemble, live electronics, and live video mixing …go to Discrete Strains page


Zero Craft performanceZero Craft (2009-)
Noiseborder Ensemble, blackhole-factory
Zero Craft is a telematic performance environment in which the Noiseborder Ensemble in Canada connect electronically with …go to Zero Craft page


performance of Take Me OnTake Me On (2009)
Nicholas Papador, Sigi Torinus

 …go to Take Me On page


performance of LonesomeLonesome (2009)
Brent Lee, Sigi Torinus
Lonesome is based on the Hank Williams classic I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry. Video by Sigi Torinus is mixed live and projected …go to Lonesome page


performance of oooh dear!oooh dear! (2009)
Chris McNamara

…go to oooh dear! page


performance of far reach contactfar reach contact (2009)
blackhole-factory, Noiseborder Ensemble
far reach contact is an interactive piece built on long delay times as audio and video are transmitted …go to far reach contact page


still from Superstars of WrestlingSuperstars of Wrestling (2008)
Noiseborder Ensemble
Studio A at the University of Windsor was the home performance space of the Noiseborder Ensemble. In the 1970s …go to Superstars of Wrestling page


still from I hear your voice in the circling nightI hear your voice in the circling night (2008)
Brent Lee, Sigi Torinus
I hear your voice in the circling night is an eight-minute work for bass clarinet, live electronics, and live video mix …go to I hear your voice in the circling night page


still from Rose City VariationsRose City Variations (2008)
Noiseborder Ensemble
Rose City Variations is a multimedia work incorporating pre-recorded Windsor sound- and video-scapes …go to Rose City Variations page




poster for master control performance 2013 by Sigi TorinusMaster Control
Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 7:30 pm
Lambton Tower, Studio A
an interactive media performance featuring Germany’s blackhole-factory (Martin Slawig, Elke Utermöhlen) and Canada’s Noiseborder …go to Master Control event page


poster by Sigi Torinus for discreteDiscrete
Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 7:30 pm
Lambton Tower, Studio A
Featuring the Noiseborder Ensemble (Sigi Torinus, Trevor Pittman, Nicholas Papador, Chris McNamara, Megumi Masaki, Brent Lee) ...go to Discrete event page


poster for Subatomic Time by Sigi TorinusSubatomic Time
Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 7:30 pm
Lambton Tower, Studio A
The Noiseborder Ensemble presents a complete performance of Subatomic Time for percussion with interactive audio ...go to Subatomic Time event page


poster for Particle Zoo by Sigi TorinusParticle Zoo
Monday, November 29, 2010 at 7:30 pm
Lambton Tower, Studio A
A performance of new work-in-progress for solo percussion, live video mixing, and live audio remixing. Featuring Brent Lee, ...go to Particle Zoo event page


poster for Master Control by Sigi TorinusMaster Control
Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 7:30 pm
Lambton Tower, Studio A
Featuring works by Trevor Pittman, Chris McNamara, John Cage, blackhole-factory (Martin Slawig, Elke Utermöhlen) and Noiseborder ...go to Master Control event page


poster for far reach contact by sigi torinusFar Reach Contact
Friday, September 18, 2009 at 4:00 pm
Lambton Tower, Studio A
An interactive performance using the network of two performance spaces as a delay line featuring Germany’s blackhole-factory ...go to Far Reach Contact event page


poster for too blue to fly by sigi torinusToo Blue to Fly
Thursday, February 12, 2009, at 7:00 pm
Lambton Tower, Studio A
featuring the Noiseborder Ensemble (Brent Lee, Chris McNamara, Nicholas Papador, Jessica Pistor, Trevor Pittman, Sundar ...go to Too Blue to Fly event page