Smiling people with text Employee Mental Health Strategy

Employee Mental Health Strategy Ambassadors

We are looking for faculty and staff to help us enhance communication and engagement at the faculty/department level as we implement the Employee Mental Health Strategy (EMHS).

Role of the Employee Mental Health Strategy Ambassadors

Point-person to gather concerns and questions on the EMHS

  • Act as a point-person within your faculty/department for faculty and staff colleagues to bring forward concerns related to the EMHS and/or questions related to the strategy implementation.
  • Bring forward feedback and questions from faculty and staff to the EMHS Co-leads.

Inform and communicate EMHS activities to the faculty/department

  • Support the EMHS implementation communication efforts by sharing information provided with faculty and staff colleagues.
  • Promote/encourage participation in EMHS related events, facilitated discussions and other feedback mechanisms.
  • Keep faculty and staff colleagues informed of progress being made and other relevant information shared by the EMHS Co-leads.

Enhance engagement in the EMHS Implementation

  • Act as a visible supporter of the EMHS within your faculty/department.
  • Actively encourage faculty and staff colleagues to become engaged in the EMHS implementation activities such as feedback conversations and other input/feedback processes. 


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