group of students with text Equity Diversity Inclusion and Decolonization Week

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Decolonization (EDID) Week

In 2022, the Office of the Vice-President Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion held the inaugural UWindsor Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization (EDID) Week, with events exploring Indigenization, remembrance of the victims of transatlantic slavery, resistance and the Underground Railroad, accessibility awareness, sexual violence prevention, 2SLGBTQQIA+ rights, and the ways that historic and ongoing marginalizations intersect.
The second annual EDID Week, beginning March 20, 2023, continued this work, uplifting efforts to challenge oppression as well as acknowledging the ongoing and future work required toward building a more just campus, community, and world.

While anti-oppression and justice must be at the heart of everything we do at UWindsor, EDID Week provides an important opportunity to shine a spotlight on the diversity and strength of individuals and groups working to address injustice on campus and beyond.
Stay tuned for information on EDID Week 2024, featuring campus and local partners committed to advancing equity through community and collaboration.
For videos of past EDID Week events, please visit our Past Events page.
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