Clinics & Placements

The Faculty of Law has developed innovative and often ground-breaking programs in legal aid, prepaid legal services, community legal education, alternative dispute resolution and law in aid of development. 

Our clinics, mooting program and other experiential learning courses help students develop important lawyering skills such as interviewing, counselling, mooting, drafting, negotiating, advocacy, research and problem solving while earning credit towards their degree. 

Our clinics include COMMUNITY LEGAL AID, LEGAL ASSISTANCE OF WINDSOR, the INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW CLINIC, a partnership with Detroit Mercy Law, and the TRANSNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW CLINIC a partnership with Wayne State University. 

Judicial Internships:

  • The Northwest Territories Clerkship Program enables students to serve as a clerk to the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories for one term.
  • Ontario Court of Justice Clerkships provide an opportunity for students to spend one day each week working with judges of the Ontario Court of Justice.
  • Provincial Court (Windsor) - Family
  • Provincial Court (Windsor) - Criminal
  • Provincial Court (Newmarket) - Family & Criminal

We are grateful for the support of:

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