Prospective Law Students


07/14/2017 As of today’s date our first-year class is full. While there is still the possibility of a few spots opening up later in the summer, it is unlikely we will be making offers to people far down the current waitlist. We wish everyone who applied to Windsor Law a happy summer, and every success in their future academic endeavours. We hope you will consider applying to Windsor Law next year.

06/28/17: Currently, all 160 spots in our J.D. program are filled with applicants who have firmly or provisionally accepted admission offers. On July 4th, provisional acceptances become firm, unless you accept an offer from another school. Following July 4th, we will determine how many spots are open in our first-year class, and will revisit our wait list. We anticipate getting offers out to those highest on our wait list the week of July 10th. Stay tuned!

02/21/17: For those of you who have received offers of admission for September, we are looking forward to meeting you in Toronto on March 22 at our Meet and Greet.  Watch for an email with your invitation and details.

For those of you on our waitlist, we assure you we're reviewing the list daily to ensure that only those with a reasonable chance of admission remain. We understand how difficult it is to wait and we appreciate your patience.  

For those of you who have not yet received a decision, we continue to burn the midnight oil reviewing files to ensure that you receive a decision as soon as possible. NOTE: we only review completed files. If your file is incomplete, time is running out to complete it. It would be unfortunate if after all the effort you've put into your application, it does not get reviewed.     

01/18/17: It's a new year and our admissions committee is continuing to review applications. If you have not yet heard from us, please be patient. We do not base acceptance on a simple mathematical calculation. To fairly assess each applicant, we review tens of thousands of supporting documents. While you wait, please consider a visit to take a look around the law school and to chat with one of our student ambassadors. Contact us at to book a time. 

12/22/16: We're excited to advise that the first of our offers of admission for the Class of 2020 were sent out this week. If you have not yet received an offer of admission, please be patient as this is an ongoing process. Because of our commitment to a comprehensive, holistic review of applications, ours is a more lengthy, time-consuming process. We appreciate the effort you took to present your case for admission to Windsor Law and, in return, we commit to reviewing your application with equal diligence. 

Studying law at Windsor is collaborative, challenging and real. Whatever your goals, whatever your plan, we have a program for you. 

Our flagship Juris Doctor provides our students with a solid foundation in law together with the opportunity to customize their program depending upon their individual interests and goals. Our students learn from, and work with, a faculty of outstanding scholars who are inspiring, engaged and supportive. 

Windsor Law Admissions staff and Student Ambassadors participate in a number of information fairs at our Windsor campus and at other universities. 

Our Canadian & American Dual JD Program offered with the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law is the only one of its kind in North America that provides students with the opportunity to earn both a Canadian and a US law degree in three years. 

Our joint MSW/JD recognizes the increasing synergy between the work performed by social workers and the role being played by justice-minded lawyers. And, our integrated MBA/JD degree, offered in partnership with the Odette School of Business, can be earned in four years instead of five. 

How to Apply

Complete the online Ontario Law School Application. Take note of the application deadlines and admissions criteria for your particular program.