The Business of Law: Start as You Plan to Continue

Monday, August 27, 2018 - 09:00 to Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 16:30

Business of Law Course


You spoke, and we listened.  We heard very clearly that you are interested in a course that would prepare you to start your own law practice. We were not surprised by this at all – we know that there is nothing like the Business of Law: Start as You Plan to Continue available anywhere.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the seminar scheduled for August 27-30 in Toronto has been cancelled. Based on your feedback we are making some adjustments to the timing and the pricing of this valuable program.  Watch for details regarding future opportunities to enroll in the coming weeks. 

We appreciate your interest and pledge to plan and deliver an amazing program!


In Ontario, more than 75% of lawyers work in small or solo practice. Building and operating a small or sole law practice brings a mountain of challenges in a competitive market. Performing, leading, and managing every aspect of the business is unique to legal entrepreneurship and mistakes are common.  

Windsor Law has partnered with Schultz Frost LLP to offer a four-day course that will give attendees the skills and resources to launch their solo or start-up practice successfully. 

Each day will focus on a different element for a successful practice: The Idea, The Rules, The Innovation, and The Pitch. 

The Business of Law: Start as You Plan to Continue course will provide you with information and ideas to help you execute your vision and avoid common pitfalls. 

This course goes beyond simply inspiring you to start your practice. It will provide step by step guides on what you need, what to avoid, and who to connect with to turn your idea into a viable business strategy. Building a business from the ground up takes time, effort and expertise. 



Through readings, guest lectures, discussions, and a practical assignment, this course will contextualize the key issues in running an ethical, professional, and viable small practice. 

  • Entrepreneurship 101: Money, Investors, Capital, Insurance, IT, Office Space and Planning 
  • Leadership Training: Diversity, Inclusion, and Ethics
  • Best practices for successful Practice Management, Marketing, Record Keeping and Client Service


This course meets the Law Society of Ontario’s Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion requirements with 3 hours of EDI Professional Development. You will also complete 12 hours of substantive legal training to meet your yearly LSO obligations.

Resources: Toolkit, networking, and connections with industry leaders.

Cost:     $2,500 + HST (General Admission)

              $2,125 + HST (Windsor Law Class of 2018 Rate)

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Kadey BJ Schultz, Adjunct Professor @KadeyBJSchultz

Kadey BJ Schultz is an award-winning female Canadian litigator, an acknowledged thought leader and expert dedicated to serving her clients. Outside of her practice, she is an innovative adjunct professor at Windsor Law, teaching the PILS first year course and the Lawyer as Conflict Resolver course.

For many years following her graduation from Windsor Law, Kadey was a partner with an insurance firm. Kadey has argued at all levels of the Ontario Courts, including a precedent-setting case at the Court of Appeal changing the landscape of commercial auto insurance in Ontario. She was also recognized as a US/Canada Litigation Lawyer to Watch. Three years ago, she opened Schultz Frost LLP, an insurance defense, file management and consulting firm in Toronto.

Kadey knows that to be successful, you must Start as You Plan to Continue, this means having the resources, information, contacts, and knowledge of how smaller practices succeed in a competitive marketplace – that’s The Business of Law.

Jason Frost, Adjunct Professor @FR0STLAW

Jason Frost loves litigation. He’s also an entrepreneur, teacher, conflict resolver and problem solver. Before starting Schultz Frost LLP, Jason built a reputation as a strong advocate focusing primarily on statutory accident benefits, priority, and loss transfer disputes.

Jason’s approach to legal practice, and starting Schultz Frost LLP was to provide high-quality service to his clients. His approach to The Business of Law is similar, and fundamental to his firm’s success. By working with business professionals who are experts in their field, understanding who and what steps you should (and shouldn’t) take will save you time, and (most importantly) money.

Start as You Plan to Continue means practical step by step guides to starting a successful practice. Kadey and Jason don’t just plan to inspire you, but to mentor and share their real first-hand knowledge of who to approach, what you need to get started, and how to put all these pieces together. From money, investors, and world-class leadership to essential technology services and file management, this course is the starting point for a successful launch of your venture.