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Intersession / Summer Session 2018 (Tentative)

Classes begin Monday, May 7, 2018

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Undergraduate Timetable  2018/03/16
Graduate Timetable  2018/03/16
Distance Education Timetable  2018/03/16
Summer Complete Timetable  2018/03/16
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Winter 2018 (Final)

Classes begin Thursday, January 4, 2018

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Undergraduate Timetable  2018/03/14
Graduate Timetable  2018/03/14
Distance Education Timetable  2018/03/14
Winter Complete Timetable  2018/03/14
Final Exam Locations 2018/03/09


Fall 2017

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Year 1 Timetable 2017/09/20
Year 1 Timetable with course descriptions 2017/09/20
Undergraduate Timetable 2017/09/20
Graduate Timetable 2017/09/20
Distance Education Timetable 2017/09/20
Fall Complete Timetable 2017/09/20
Final Exam Locations 2017/12/12
Exam Slot Information (PDFHTML) 2017/04/26


Intersession/Summer Session 2017

Classes begin Monday, May 8, 2017

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In order to give majors priority access to required courses, registration in certain courses are restricted to students majoring in those areas.
These restrictions will be lifted during the morning of the following dates:

April 21 - Business courses opened to students in:
                    Computer Information Systems and
                    Liberal and Professional Studies

April 28 - Business minor courses opened to
                    all students


NOTE:  Makeup Classes

Mon, June 19 - For Mon. May 22 (6-week intersession classes)
Tues, Aug 8 - For Mon. Aug 7
Wed, Aug 9 - For Fri. June 30
Thurs, Aug 10 - For Mon. May 22 (12-week classes)

Undergraduate Timetable (PDFHTML) 2017/06/02
Graduate Timetable (PDFHTML) 2017/06/02
Distance Education Timetable (PDFHTML) 2017/06/02
Complete Timetable (PDF) 2017/06/02
Final Exam Locations 2017/08/04
Exam Slot Information (PDFHTML) 2017/03/15