Change of Program/Major

Change of Program/Major

If you are considering changing your program, please speak with an Academic Advisor.

Current students who want to change their program, or part-time students admitted on a part-time basis who want to apply for full-time studies, will need to complete the Change of Program Application in UWinsite Student.

It is important to understand what impact changing your program may have, so make sure to check program requirements before you request to change your program. See Course and Program Changes and Course Equivalency on our Senate Policy page for more information.

It may also be helpful to check your Academic Progress in UWinsite Student to see your progress towards completing your program of study. The What-if Report can be used to determine whether the change of program would affect your progress. The report is used to understand program requirements and is not meant to replace personal academic advising.

For assistance changing your program in UWinsite Student, please see this ask.uwindsor article.